Academy of Art University San Francisco:
Web Design & New Media: Non-Verbal Communication
The goal of this class is to confront our students – trough a formal exercise – to the abstract but precise thinking process of the interactive world. The result is a sequential interactive transposition of a personal situation:
"Describe one minute of your daily life". In order to build a basic but intuitive user experience, each student has to create an interactive story, using only personal photography and combining it with the hand signs from the font
"H-and-S" created in our studio.
Academy of Art University San Francisco:
Interactive Infographics
In the flood of today's information, InfoGraphics are providing a better visual understanding. These visualizations make even complex information livelier, more comprehensive and easier to remember. Taught as a duo by Claudia Dallendörfer and Jean-Benoit Levy, for Computer Arts New Media graduate students program at AAU, this class will guide each student through theoretical and practical exercises to design for the internet and other digital media.
Basel School of Design:
Interaction Design Exercise
The goal of this workshop is to challenge the students with a very simple exercise. How to introduce some main concepts of the interactive world in one week ? Our idea was to limit the students to use only one text and one image. Following issues logically have been explored: How to combine the two elements in a logical way ? How to allow picture and text to interact, as they are two separated mediums ? The result, a formal interactive transposition from a picture into a typographical composition is extremely original and invite the viewer to explore the screen in a new way.
Academy of Art University San Francisco:
Motion Graphics
When Jean-Benoit Levy decided to take an animation class at the Basel School of Design, he didn't know that he would teach a "Motion Graphics" class with "AfterEffects" about 20 years later in San Francisco. Together with his partner Claudia Dallendörfer, who graduated in "Industrial Design" New Media in Berlin (HDK) in 1999, this class is taught as a duo, helping students to reach a high level of creativity.
San Jose State University:
Redesigning the Street Sheet
Jean-Benoit Levy and his students from San Jose State University are working on a redesign of the San Francisco Street Sheet in collaboration with the Coalition On Homelessness.
SUPSI in Lugano, Swiss-Italy:
Interaction Design Exercise
Today, a huge shift is happening in the world of visual communication, challenging graphic studios to adapt themselves and forcing students to play in the interaction world. Within less than 20 years, the screen has become as important as the paper. Intuition and creativity, but also logic and programming are the ingredients for a usable interface. That is the purpouse of this 1 week excercise. Understanding and exploring the relation of the sences and the new media. If the image means to look at, the text to read, the sound to listen, the mouse means to touch. Once those elements are given, the interaction becomes the discovery.
CCA Summer Course in San Francisco:
Urban Messages: Stamps to Billboards
In this class students design a vertical street poster, a horizontal highway billboard, and a sheet of postage stamps. After research, each student creates a message according a given theme, in this case “Recycling” or “Energy.” The student explores ways to express the concept visually and typographically, working from research to sketches, from typography to color-composition, and from hierarchy to final presentation.