Motion Graphics:
CANM 613:

This course provides intermediate and advanced AfterEffects techniques, using standard and production tools for color keys, compound effects, scripting, particles and advanced tools for type animation. Students will work on production of a variety of motion graphics projects using AfterEffects, and will be incorporating source material from video and programs such as PhotoShop, Illustrator and Flash. A study of contemporary motion graphics trends, projects and practices will be included. Students will create projects that demonstrate refined procedures in animated visual communications that encapsulate the student’s individual style and message.

Example 01: "George Melies"
Example 02: "Les Affiches en Goguette"
Example 03: "The Smashing Pumpkins"
Example 04: "La jetée ( engl.) 1/3"
Example 05: "La jetée ( engl.) 2/3"
Example 06: "La jetée ( engl.) 3/3 "

Example 01: "iPod classic: Features"
Example 02: "Music Video Festival trailer"
Example 03: "Stop Motion"
Example 04: "Typography experimental 04"
Example 05: "Freedom of Perception"
Example 06: "Tramp Typography"
Example 07: "Pulp Fiction in Typography"
Example 08: "Philippe Katerine's Excuse Moi"
Example 09: "Are you going to be my girl ?"
Example 10: "NYC build with Typography"
Example 11: "Typography"
Example 12: "Concious"
Example 13: "Mercedes Benz Advertising"
Example 14: "Backspace ~ Unfold"
Example 15: "The White Stripes"
Example 16: "MTV ident animation"
Example 17: "University After Affects projects"
Example 18: "Paper Wall - RHCP CHARLIE"
Example 19: "Bjork - Earth Intruders"
Example 20: "HP ‘Personal Again"
Example 21: "Audio Bullys/Nancy Sinatra"
Example 22: "Cornetto ‘Suddenly"
Example 23: "Bravia Commercial "

Tutorials and Learning Online
Tutorial 1: "GotoandLearn"
Tutorial 2: "The Learn List"
Tutorial 3: "Special Effects for my Short Film"

Example 01: "Levi's - Mermaids (Michel Gondry)"
Example 02: "Michel Gondry Levi's Commercial"
Example 03: "Massive Attack - Protection by Michel Gondry"
Example 04: "Bjork - Human Behavior"
Example 05: "3D morphable model face animation - Volker Blanz"

Professional Studios
Studio 1: "Imaginaryforces"

Studio 2: "Fordesignstory"
Studio 3: "Psyop"
Studio 4: "Motion Theory"
Studio 5: "Shilo Design"
Studio 6: "Stardust"
Studio 7: "MK12"
Studio 8: "twenty2product"