H-AND-S Empty and H-AND-S Full:
A font family of 200 handsigns in 2 styles available online since 2005
A personal vision ( To put in good hands ): Available at myfonts.com, this iconographical alphabet is the result of more than a decade of research and design. In his travels throughout the world, Jean-Benoit Levy collected hand-signage that he discovered in various packaging, signage or instruction manuals. Uncertain what to do with those modern hieroglyphs, he kept them year after year until the idea came to recycle this collection into one typeface.
In accordance with this collective concept the name of the typeface is a mix: « H-AND-S ». Maybe it is not really a pure coincidence that the name of this alphabet contains the name of the studio where it was created.

A global collection ( To give you a hand ): Even if we are all so individually different, we have one thing in common: Each of us regularly comes in contact with those modern hieroglyphs which are the little hand-sign codes that are so prevalent in our daily life. Even if certain signs mean something different from one culture to the other, there is a common hand-sign language. All around us these signs are used like an international language because they are meant to be understood by all of us. Each time we open a container of milk, a package of wash-powder, by shaving, using tools, even by tearing the envelope of a condom, we are surrounded by this language of handsigns. Each person in the world uses these signs and we all understand them easily. We look to them so often for informa-tion, for help or for directions that we take these signs for granted. But are we truly aware of them?

A visual compendium ( To take you by the hand ): Collecting, redrawing, ordering, unifying. The simple graphical exercise of collecting those signs became step by step a complex signage program. The choice of those signs is based on daily movements and on universal hand codes. Logically this typeface starts with the “Manual Alphabet for the Deaf” and expands over four levels of the keyboard. It is the first time that so many handsigns have been assembled and redrawn into one same style. The language of hand-signs is universal. It belongs to no one in particular and to all of us in general. Available in two families at myfonts.com.