Corporate Yoga:
Onsite Yoga instructions:

Claudia has been teaching yoga since 2004. She is teaching two weekly classes onsite at Adobe Inc. headquarters for employees since November 2010. She is a certified yoga instructor from the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco, teaching for health clubs, non profits, hospitals, and yoga studios in San Francisco and Pacifica, and subbing at Bay Club, Digi Design/Avid, Mindful Mody, St. Luke's Hospital and Kaiser Permanente. Recent classes before that include: Hatha Yoga classes for pregnant women and kid's at Kikiyo in SF. Now she is in the process of starting new onsite classes in the Bay Area.

Hosting yoga classes:
Companies have chosen one of three options:

1. Full subsidy : Employer offers the classes free of charge to the employee.
2. Partial subsidy : Class fee is shared by employee and employer.
3. Hosting : Employer offers a space in the office for the class time and employees individually pay for classes.

Yoga in the work place:

• improve communication, listening, and interpersonal relationship skills
• control and concentrate the mind
• enhance alertness
• build camaraderie
• decrease stress during the performance of challenging work activities
• increase the health and well being of co-workers
• improve stamina and resistance to illness
• increase job satisfaction levels
• increase the productivity of participating employees

Email:Claudia@and.ch for more info. or call 415-819-4561