Semi-Finalist over 500 entries: In Search of an Icon.
Mothering Magazine. Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2006
Second Price Award: 4. International Triennal of the Stage Poster.
Poster «First Love», Sofia, Bulgaria, 2004
TDC Merit Award: The Tokyo Typedirectors Club Annual.
Poster «Children in Poster», Tokyo, Japan, 1999
Winning Award: SGDay Award.
Postage stamp «A–Marke». Switzerland, 1997
Prize of the public: Festival d’Affiches de Chaumont.
Poster «Les Vendredis de la Cathédrale», Chaumont, France, 1996
Winning award: Swiss Posters of the Year.
Poster «Les Vendredis de la Cathédrale», Bern, 1995
Award ( A4-Distinction ): SGDay Award.
Poster «Photographics». Switzerland, 1995
Certificate of Design Excellence: European Regional Design Annual.
Poster «Solothurner Literaturtage», Europe, 1995
High Design Quality Award: German Prize for Communication Design.
Poster «Solothurner Literaturtage», Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany, 1995
Winning Award: Swiss Posters of the Year.
Poster «Solothurner Literaturtage», Bern, 1995
Prize of Honour: 4th international Biennale of theater posters.
For the poster «Marat / Sade – Eugene Ionesco», Rzeszow, Poland, 1994
First Prize: Stewo Price.
Book project, Wolhusen, 1991
Merit Award: 6. International Poster Triennale.
Poster «Pierre Gigaud, Intercoiffure», Essen, Germany, 1990
Winning Award: The Most Beautiful Swiss Books.
Book «Femmes de la Terre», Switzerland, 1989
Merit Award: 68th Art Directors Annual.
Poster «Marktblatt». New York, USA, 1989
2nd Price for Commercial Poster: Lathi VIII Posters Biennale.
Poster «Pierre Gigaud, Intercoiffure», Lahti, Finland, 1989
Winning Award: Swiss Posters of the Year.
Poster «Das Labyrinth», Bern, 1987
Lectures 2009:
Istambul, Turkey:
AGI Seminar: 10.12. 2009
Lausanne, Switzerland:
ERACOM. 10. 05. 2009
Basel, Switzerland:
Basel School of Design. 09. 30. 2009
Richmond, Virginia:
Grace Street Theater, 02. 09. 2009
Lectures 2008:
San Francisco, CA:
Petchakucha Night Vol 25, 06.2008
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Basel, Switzerland:
Basel School of Design, 09. 2007
San Francisco, CA:
Herman Miller Inc. 05. 2007
San Jose, CA:
SJSU. San Jose State University. 04. 2007
San Francisco, CA:
Petchakucha Night Vol 10. 02. 2007
Lectures 2006:
San Francisco, CA:
Westpex 2006. American Helvetia Philatelic Society. 04. 2006
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Phoenix, Arizona:
Arizona State University. College of Design. 12. 2005
Lectures 2004:
Muhlouse, France:
Ecole supérieure d’Art. Rencontres: Tropismes en couleur. 05. 2004
Lectures 2003:
Helsinki, Finland:
AGI Students Symposium. Media Center Lume, University of Art and Design. 09. 2003
Lectures 2002:
Seattle, WA:
University of Washington, Oct. 2002
Monterey, CA:
California State University. 1998, 2002
Lectures 2001-1996:
Providence, RI:
RISD, Rhode Island School of Design. 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001
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Osaka, Japan:
DDD–Gallery, February 1998
Nagaoka, Japan:
Institute of Design, February 1998
Lectures 1997:
Boston, Ma:
Massachuset College of Art, Feb 1997
Portland, Me:
Maine School of Art, Feb 1996, 1997
Lectures 1996:
Philadelphia, PA:
The University of the Arts, Feb. 1996
New York City, NY:
Parson School of Design,Feb. 1996