In solidarity to the Occupy movement:
A poster competition to create a social dialog
The current social malaise encountered around the world could be the start of a solution fueled by healthy and interdisciplinary dialog. Our personal curiosity and interest regarding some of the society's toughest problems were the trigger for organizing an international poster competition.
While engagement can start with the protests of a social movement it can also be supported with simple actions such as this. The international call for posters was organized by a team of three visual designers. Altogether, the results are a mirror reflecting the state of design around the world.
This collection of impactful images identifies common basic issues of many countries, often being economical, ecological or simply educational concerns. It is presented in our blog as the first initiative of an organization we have created called "Next By Design". With such a collection we hope to transmit qualitative imagery that can provoke further positive debate.
Poster on the cover of a major reference work:
5th edition of Meggs'History of Graphic Design
After the memorable black cover design of the Fourth Edition with a mural design by Herbert Matter that incorporates only writing and typography, Alston Purvis, the author of the Fifth Edition of "Meggs' History of Graphic Design" have changed the front cover into something more narative. Using eight specific graphic works that transmit by their iconography the feel of time and graphic styles, the author have chosen a poster from JBL. The rectangular forms on the cover, based on a two-column grid used throughout the book, present graphic works from J. Cheret, J. Guttenberg, H. Matter, V. Moscoso S. Sagmeister. Jean- Benoit's poster is in the front page and this is with great proud that he's been placed in such good company to illustrate this book cover. Designed for an AIGA-San Francisco event a few years ago the poster was cre- ated with a picture of San Francisco based photographer Robert Schlatter with a portrait of Jen Huggans from Look Model Agency in San Francisco. Now published in several digital formats that can be read on a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other similar devices, "Meggs' History of Graphic Design" becomes the major educational reference for graphic students.
After the 2011 Earthquake in Japan:
An image to help re-creating a devastated region
Tohoku was the hardest hitted area by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Contacted by "Art Tails", a japanese non-profit organization, JBL. like other international writers, artists, creators, and entrepreneurs has been asked to express his solidarity to the Japanese people with his own words and art. The goal is to help with art and creativity in directly supporting some of the projects specifically targeted to help the Tohoku communities and to ensure their future viability. Based on our transforming words project, the image shows a disturbed word "HOME" which is transformed into the word "HOPE" by a simple letter-switch. A sinked "M" is replaced by a flying "P". Give hope to those who lost their home.
Poster for an online exhibition:
About the 2009 controversial votation in Iran
Invited from the Iranian designer community, like many of his international colleagues, JBL has created a poster to show his solidarity for the democraty in the beautiful country which is Iran. About his poster, JBL adds the following explanation: There is no door without a wall. The door is red, the wall is green. Green is the name of movement right now. The green wall stands for the democracy. The red door is the system. Meaning the door needs the wall. And the key for the door has to be the people. Many new contributions have been added online as an humble effort to rally support for Iran.
A collective poster exhibition in China:
Sichuan Earthquake Commemorative Poster
Two members of the international design community – a Chinese and a Canadian – have organised an international exhibition of design, art and music to benefit the survivors of the Sichuan earthquake. Opened in Nanjing, this Commemorative Exhibition "5:12 China's Massive Earthquake," includes works donated by over 200 individuals across the globe. The works were donated to contribute to the survivors of this massive natural – or unnatural – disaster as following certain sources it may have been caused by the pressure of the water of a nearby hydro-electric dam, located three miles from the epicentre of the Sichuan quake. A website created for the occasion shows all posters including a musical composition specifically created for this event. In a typographical composition, JBL's creation confronts the date of the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing "08.08.2008" with the hope that this colorful date will not erase the dark event of "05.12.2008" devastating the Sichuan province with 7.9 magnitude and killing over 80,000 people.
A Series of Eight Buttons in Holland
Did you know that in the Netherlands it is a must to wear at least one artist button? At AND, we felt extremely tempted to create a series of buttons for "Buzzworks". Located in Amsterdam, this independent company, like us, is passionate. They produce unique collectibles which are sold online. Those are developed in close collaboration with a selection of international graphic designers, illustrators and comic artists. AND is proud to present a series of eight buttons. Made out of our own typeface "H-and-S", those buttons are available individually. A set of seven buttons, that we also designed, brings together those little pieces of design in the world. One for each day of the week.
The Candle of Freedom for Amnesty International in Switzerland
The date of December 10th is the International Human Rights Day. Chosen to honour the United Nations General Assembly's adoption and proclamation, on 10 December 1948 in Paris, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first global enunciation of human rights, this day is celebrated by many countries. In Switzerland a candle designed by the Studio AND is sold by thousands and lightned up throughout the entire country.
Motion Graphics in San Francisco
When Jean-Benoit Levy decided to take an animation class at the Basel School of Design, he didn't know that he would teach a "Motion Graphics" class with "AfterEffects" about 20 years later in San Francisco. Together with his partner Claudia Dallendörfer, who graduated in "Industrial Design" New Media in Berlin (HDK) in 1999, this class is taught as a duo, helping students to reach a high level of creativity.
Book in Amsterdam
In 1998 Jean-Benoit Levy has been invited to be a member of the highly selective international Graphic Design Club "AGI". This association is meeting every year in another part of the world and this year 2007, in Amsterdam, the Alliance Graphique Internationale will celebrate its 50 anniversary. The book has just been released, featuring the story of the "Creme de la Creme" of the international graphic design scene.
Advertising Posters in Berkeley
Jean-Benoit's poster exhibition has been curated by the Californian graphic artist Michael Cronan for the wine store "VINTAGE" in Berkeley. This special wine store in Berkeley's historic area allows artists to present their work surrounded by the best selection of wines in the Bay Area. Created mainly for advertising purpose and cultural events, the characteristic of the internationaly recognized Street Poster work of Jean-Benoit Levy is how he combines photography with typographical elements.
Text for Song in Australia
One day Jean-Benoit was listening to the radio and heared a voice that moved him so much that he checked online to discover who was singing. Behind this melodic voice was Sophie Moleta, a young and talented singer who lives in New Zealand. Very quickly an exchange of letters and e-mails brought the two artists to collaborate. Out of this correspondance two texts written by Jean-Benoit have been chosen from the Australian singer. Read the lyrics of "Et le monde a..." and "Kaboul". And even more, download the mp3 of its first audio sketch. A song ready to find an audience.