Diagrams: Innovative Solutions for Graphic Designers
Diagrams offers a unique solution to the organisation of information and provides fresh thinking and imaginative solutions, making this an indispensable and inspirational reference book. This book offers a collection of exemplary, creative, and imaginative information design. Shown in its original application and juxtaposed with the reference material used for each piece of work, every design included in the book is analysed. Useful templates are included on the accompanying disc, along with clip-art features, such as arrows, flows, and boxes, so that designers can adopt and adapt them. The font H-AND-S is presented in this book, together with the work of two of our Graphic Design and New Media students.
Recharge your Design Batteries
All too often, busy designers have little time to let their imaginations loose on a project, which is constrained by a client, a budget, and a deadline. Recharge Your Design Batteries shows designers working beyond their day-to-day situation on alternative tasks, intended to truly flex their creative muscles. This inspirational and practical book explores the creative process, and how to keep it fed and stimulated. Some of Jean-Benoit's work is presented in this general resource as example for graphic designers and visual creatives, who have the desire to broaden their horizons and inject a new level of innovation into their work.
Typographic Design, 4th edition
Many posters and projects of AND have been selected to illustrate this book of Rob Carter. Typographic Design addresses the important issue of color in typographic design. New case studies showcase design for Web sites, CD-ROMs, and environmental graphics in addition to the existing case studies which detail examples of visual identification systems, book and magazine design, film and video text, and wayfinding graphics, along with outlines for analysis and solutions.
Meggs' History of Graphic Design
Graphic designer, professor, historian, and author Philip Baxter Meggs (1942-2002) began teaching in the Communication Arts and Design Department at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU ), chairing the department from 1974 to 1987. In 1983, he published his first edition of "History of Graphic Design" – the book that not only put graphic design in its historical context but places graphic design on the cultural map. AND is very proud that two posters of Jean-Benoit Levy have been selected to become a part of history. Those are for a RAR and AIGA.
Type, Image, Message: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop
The authors of this book, Designer Nancy Skolos and Photographer Tom Wedell do offer to designers the practical know-how to combine type and image for dynamic effect as well as to use them in contrast to create tension and meaning in design with examples. Type, Image, Message inspires through excellence by exhibiting great design works then deconstructing the processes in simple visual terms. Two advertising posters Puce and Im Fluss of AND have been selected there to be shown as case studies how they have been created.
Type in Motion
176 pages featuring projects in video, film, mixed media, digital and event print that are thematically grouped into five sections by the way the kinetic type is used: its precursors; its narrative function; its message potential; its plastic form; and its possibilities for ambient, interactive environments. The work of internationally recognized design studios including Bruce Mau (Toronto), Jonathan Barnbrook (London), and the MIT Media Lab (Boston) are shown alongside the most daring student work from around the world. One work of Jean-Benoit Levy is presented here when he was a student in animation with Peter Von Arx in Basel.
AGI Graphic Design Since 1950
In 1998 Jean-Benoit Levy has been invited to be a member of the highly selective international Graphic Design Club "AGI". This association is meeting every year in another part of the world and this year 2007, in Amsterdam, the Alliance Graphique Internationale will celebrate its 50 anniversary. The book has just been released, featuring the story of the "Creme de la Creme" of the international graphic design scene.
Experimental Typography
Designers wishing to educate / RE-educate themselves in typography, as it relates to the digital realm, would find this book an invaluable resource. The first chapter does a great job of establishing the traditional "rules" of typography. As the author simply states, "Rules must be understood before they can be broken". Visual examples corresponding with each rule help demonstate the Do's and Dont's of how to render type so that the designer can effectively communicate his/her message. Once covered, the remaining chapters offer wonderful examples of how to alter type in new and unusual ways. Many go a step further to explain what emotional responses can occur by using type in unconventional ways. The final section includes galleries of digital print work, many illustrating the theories from earlier chapters.
Small Screens
The book presents the basic areas when designing for small screens. It is well organised by interesting chapters and by the excellent organisation inside each chapter that are divided in 3 sections. The first more theoretical, the second with practical examples and the third has a good overview of the technologies behind. This makes the reading and the browsing later on much easier. Hence, the book covers the design but also gives an overview of the technological issues.
Information Design Source Book
Information design is a crucial instrument for the solution of communication tasks, involving the application of a wide range of media - print, electronic, and multimedia - as well as architectural elements. This publication presents 70 successful concepts and strategies for the preparation, structuring, and presentation of information, organized according to the content to be conveyed - Corporate Communication, Products and Services, Signage and Directions, Methods and Tools, and Education, Science, and Research. Studio AND is one of them!
Melchoir Imboden:
Designer Portraits
Portraits of 128 graphic designers made by the photographer and graphic designer Melchior Imboden, together with 2 works (mostly posters), and a short biography of each designer.