Inner-State, USA:
Reinterpretation of U.S. road signs into a surreal series
To arrive in a new country demands some mental adaptation. Depending on how one feels inside while driving, the U.S. road-system is full of mysterious, romantic, surreal and even poetic messages.
3 designs for clothing
Those days are a special moment in history. We came up with three messages in order to encourage people to vote. For who are you voting? For the candidate you like? For your country, or simply for yourself? Or maybe for each of those three reasons?
A book of handsigns
This book is the first book of Jean-Benoit Levy. A visual novel adressed to a wide audience that demonstrates with many photographies and a few articles what means to be confronted with a hand sign. The visual representation of hand signs is infinite. Structured in seven chapters HANDBOOK presents visually the graphical expressions of hand signs in various daily situations in different places of the world. At Lars Müller Publishers, this book couldn't find a better place !
AND Buttons:
Hands to wear
At AND, we love when our graphic travels. We felt we had to create especially a series of buttons the day we discovered the existence of the wild Dutch company "Buzzworks". Located in Amsterdam, this independent and smart company produces and sells unique collectibles online of many artists. AND is proud to have been accepted in their program with seven buttons out of it's "H-and-S" typeface.
Live / Love Postcards:
Words in transformation
This series of transforming words are the first real artistic product that we produced in the US. It moves, but it is not a movie. It is printed, but the surface does change. It is one word and becomes another one. Simple graphic product or a complex vision about future screens ? Can't find the right words? Let these lenticular postcards speak for themselves – as you angle them back and forth, you'll see one word magically transform into another. Those lenticular postcards are published by Chronicle Books in San Francisco.
Live / Love:
The following product after the postcards are two journals where you can write whatever you like. But the cover moves and changes into a new meaning. Unfortunately out of stock, you could be lucky to find here or there in the corner of a good bookstore one of the last of those journals. Designed by Jean-Benoit, of course and published by the esthetically sensitive Californian publisher "Chronicle Books".
A font family with 2 styles
Originally, the idea came by opening a pack of chopsticks in a chinese restaurant. H-AND-S is now the biggest collection of handsigns ever made in the form of a single unified typeface. Result of a long collection and selection H-AND-S finally appeared as a logical result of our love for unity. Created at AND over many years, those 200 signs, designed in one very neutral style found a place at the online fonts company Myfonts.com. Those pictograms are a global language.
Happy New Years:
A Poster for the year 2000
"Happy New Years" is a personal creation in form of a street poster, at the size of the Swiss "Weltformat". As a child, Jean-Benoit was always curious of what he would be at the change of the Millennium. In the occasion of the entrance of Christianity into the year 2000, he has decided to create a personal poster presenting in a informative way the diverse religions of the world, their age and their size.