Info Graphics for Norcal Waste Systems
Interested in the theme of "Recycling", we introduced our students to the San Francisco Recycling and Disposal Program which provided us different data. The students reorganized and translated this information into an interactive visual moment. From the simple understanding of the informative part up to its organization, from the visual exploration to the final realization of a working interactive informational interface, this complex exercices are a great opportunity to understand the process of building and creating an interactive piece. Six results of our Interactive Infographics Class at the Academy of Art University have been chosen for demonstration purpose. Themes such as the choice between the blue, green or black official bin in San Francisco, the recycling of an aluminum can, the demonstration of the possible damages resulting by missuse of the materials contains in an electrical battery or the transfer of energy between plastic bag and gas oil were the subjects chosen to become a part of the children class information at the information Center at Norcal Waste Systems.

Monster Show:
Chih Fan Ting
Ronnie graduated from the Academy of Art University for Computer Arts New Media in 2007. She has been inspired by the Interactive Info Graphics class and therefore Claudia and Jean-Benoit became her direct studies advisors for her thesis project "Monster Show". She developed a conceptual, aesthetic and innovative website.

Jamba Juice versus McDonald's:
Julie Huang
Julie visualizes in a very clever way how much calories you have to burn if you eat a hamburger from McDonald's or if you drink a smoothie from Jamba Juice. It shows a map of San Francisco where you can see how much you have to run in order to burn all the calories that you have taken into your system.

Homeless on New Montgomery:
Chih Fan Ting
This website presents homeless people found living in New Montgomery Street, San Francisco. Infographics provide personal information and details about what these people do during the day in a very humourous and interesting way. Ronnie received a price with this project at :Output, an international platform for students and colleges in design from Germany.