A poetisation of the officiality
What is more official than a road sign system ? It is known that in the U.S.A., access to the driver’s license symbolizes freedom, but once driving on the streets, a large quantity of obligations suddenly appears along the road. In the opposite of other countries which are using signs, many complex rules and directions are given to read: This wordy system is creating a complex experience to the U.S. driver’s eyes and brain.

While reading the California Driver Handbook to pass his driver’s licence, Jean-Benoit transformed the meaning of some of the most known road signs crossed on the streets, by simply taking away or replacing one or two letters of the original and official versions. After this little twist, those signs become more personal and allow everyone to dream or smile or express themselves.

Innerstate is now to wear at CafefPress, an online printing on demand website. All those signs have been applied on various visual artifact such as jackets, buttons, magnets, greeting- or postcards, T-shirt and much more.

Some of the signs of this series are to be found in black and white at the font "Signal Signifier".