Prenatal Yoga:
Happy Healthy Pregnancy and Birth

Claudia is committed to supporting pregnant women and families to be the very best they can be physically and creating a sense of balance in one's life. I believe to be a healthy parent you must lead by example. It is challenging to find the time in our busy schedules to fit in a regular practice. The classes are motivating, positive and enriching. Women express not only leaving the classes refreshed and energized but also having a more positive outlook towards their birth as well.

This is an ongoing prenatal yoga class that will focus on providing a warm, accepting space where you can soothe and empower yourself and begin developing a loving relationship with your baby. Some of the tools will be asanas, meditation, visualization, breathing and relaxation and chanting to open the heart and add more vitality to your body. As the connection to your inner being grows so will clarity and inner wisdom, health and happiness. This prenatal Yoga program is open to yoga students of all levels of practice.

Time: Wednesdays, 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Location: Ocean Yoga, Pacifica

Time: Thursdays, 9:15 am - 10:15 am
Location: HPP, San Francisco

Claudia's clients have said:

"I went to Claudia's prenatal class every week - it was the cornerstone of my pregnancy. Her class gave me the chance to exercise my mind and body in a very peaceful environment. Claudia has a wealth of knowledge and shares her insight into natural childbirth without judgement or forcefulness. Her classes gave me a chance to connect to other women and feel part of a community. I can't wait to be pregnant again so I can go back!"

"Prenatal Yoga with Claudia gave me an opportunity to relax while doing something that feels great for me and my unborn baby. The class is very supportive, friendly and calm and the poses are a great balance of deep relaxation and challenging strength training. "

"I have enjoyed taking prenatal yoga with Claudia. She is a caring and uplifting instructor who welcomes her students to work at their own pace and comfort level. She provides a safe and encouraging environment for mommy and baby-to-be. I always leave her class with a more peaceful body, mind and spirit. "

"Attending Claudia's workshop "Have a Happy Healthy Pregnancy" helped me focus relaxing and thinking about the important decisions to be made in order to formulate a birth plan. Her kindness, gentle demeanor and knowledge about women and pregnancy make this a workshop a must for anyone who is interested in learning more about the birth process. "

"I've been taking Prenatal Yoga classes for a few months now, and Claudia is very good at observing and quickly deciphering what your body can do without putting too much pressure. I haven't practiced Yoga for a while before i resumed my yoga lessons, and Claudia's attentiveness was very helpful in getting me back to shape gradually and carefully. She is a natural Yoga teacher and obviously she's got a wealth of experience to draw from."

"Claudia's prenatal class always left me feeling physically loose and mentally balanced. Not only did it help me through the aches and discomforts of pregnancy, it gave me wonderful techniques for dealing with a drug-free birth."

"Stress, hectic schedules and long work hours were part of my daily life. In order to relax I would turn to wine and cigarettes, since becoming pregnant these outlets were no longer a possibility as a result the next best thing turned out to be yoga. Private classes with Claudia have enabled me to be less anxious and relax more. I currently, try to approach the next event in my life with calmness, control and a positiveness. Thanks, for helping me embrace this next, life milestone."