The A-Stamp:
A stamp made of 10'070 people:
In Spring 1996 the marketing Agency Witschi+Zbinden contacted the Swiss Postal Service and proposed them to use one of our design, the A-Stamp, to beat the Guiness World record.

They connected this project with the national gymnastic meeting which was held yearly in Bern. This allowed them to find the 10'000 young people they needed for that project. Their idea was to recreate Jean-Benoit's stamp on a football field.

Once the stamp was recreated, a picture would be made from an helicopter and than reproduced into a new stamp. The organization to dispatch and dress 10'000 people in a short period of time had to be very well prepared and needed a huge amount of voluntiers.

Soon you will find the movie of the event on You-tube. For now, we can show you two pictures. One is the areal photography from the 10'070 people reconstructing our stamp and the other one is the image of it reprinted on a new stamp.

The Guiness World record was to have over 10000 people in a postage stamp. The stamp was released in 1996 just after this event and every participant received a first day cover of it. Simple design sometimes become out of hands.